Being a Connected Educator…

I feel that being a connected educator depends so much on what you make of it. For myself, I know that I am often the one that lurks and enjoys reading others’ posts, but often not writing my own. By taking this course, Get connected! Engaging in Authentic Global Learning Experiences, I have found that I am being pushed out of my comfort zone.

I had to create my own personal blog, which I have never had before. I have always had my own class blog that I used but never a personal one. I also never used Twitter before and with this course, I had to create my own account. I feel nervous to use Twitter, but I can definitely see how it connects educators all around the world. Once I become a bit more comfortable with how it all works, I will definitely post my own tweets to show the learning that is taking place in my own classroom.

I think in order to be a connected educator, one must make the time in order to use platforms like Twitter, google Docs, blogging and Skype. This could be seen as a challenge as sometimes it can be hard to adapt to change and to new things to use. I know for myself, I didn’t think I would like having a Twitter account, but so far I am hooked! I think once you start implementing those platforms frequently in your routine, it’ll become second nature.

My own personal goal is to keep up with Twitter as I was able to see how useful it can be with connecting with other educators and for getting different ideas to use in my own classroom.



3 thoughts on “Being a Connected Educator…

  1. I totally agree with everything you have said here. This is all new to me also. I need to pick an area to further explore and I am pretty sure that Twitter is it. Although, I will probably keep an eye on blogging too.


  2. Yes, this does push you out of your comfort zone. I started on Twitter in August, but sometimes you need that extra incentive to actually use the resource. Using these resources does make it so easy to connect and to find new ideas and educators to enrich our classrooms. I agree with you about twitter, I am hooked as well!


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