Letter Writing

                                                     Sunday December 11th, 2016

Dear Readers,

This week in class we are starting letter writing.

When I first saw that we had to connect with another classroom for this learning engagement, I didn’t feel too hopeful. I felt that since teachers and classrooms work on different units at different times, that I wouldn’t find a class that would be willing to share their work since it wouldn’t benefit the both of us.

Boy was I wrong! When I connected with some of my coworkers back at my last school in Ontario, many of them jumped at the occasion. The only problem was that the letters were written in French. I ended up saving a couple of examples to share with my class since I can still use it to show the different parts of a letter.

My Thoughts on Future Possibilities…

I did come across a teachers’ blog that had a great letter-writing unit that was taught through the use of picture books. She has posted her unit for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. I plan to check it out to get some ideas to use throughout our unit. Check out her letter writing unit at: http://ericabohrer.blogspot.com/2013/03/letter-writing-unit-teaching-letter.html.

Though I connected with my French coworkers, I sent out some emails to my English teaching coworkers as well. I would love to connect with a class that my students can view their work and post comments on. If the class that we are viewing is not currently studying letters and have already finished with the unit, our class could still have a discussion of things that they liked seeing in their letters, and what they wished they could see next time. That way it still allows for student voice/opinion to be shared.

I also Tweeted a post on Twitter to find any connections that may arise. Let’s see what kind of responses I receive!

An Anxiously Awaiting Teacher


One thought on “Letter Writing

  1. Some of these connections can work even if though don’t work in real time. You might find a great connection with another teacher later on this year that will work for another time with your students either this year of next.


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