Digital Citizenship Through the Lens of the Learner Profile

Today I used a great website ( to create a visual organizer. It was super user friendly and I plan to use it again in the future!

In my course, we have been reading and learning about Digital Citizenship. I used the following document to help construct my mind map.

Digital Citizen and the IB Learner Profile (

I went through the document and chose the a statement that I found to be the most important for each Learner Profile. This would be a great visual to post in the classroom to help students remember how to be a safe digital citizen!



3 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship Through the Lens of the Learner Profile

  1. What a great visual organizer you created. When you teach Digital Citizenship, do you plan on breaking down each LP as it relates to digital citizenship or teaching the topics with the correlating LP? For example, teaching personal vs private information is a digital citizenship topic and what LP would go with that?


    1. That’s actually a great question April. I think I would like to teach the topics first and see what learner profile the students would classify it under. It would be interesting to see if students can decipher it on their own without even mentioning that it falls under a Learner Profile.


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